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Our Services 

Reliance Services  in Seattle, Washington offers a wide variety of services to the job-seeking youth, transition students, persons with disabilities, and veterans, as well as to the employers. See our services below!

Independent Living Support Services 

In a 1:1 ratio, we provide individuals with a variety of services to aid in greater independence and safety. Some examples include obtaining housing, driver training preparation, and other services as contracted with the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (DVR).

Work-Based Learning

This program is designed to provide high school students with their first exposure to employment. The program is offered both during summer and the school year. The short-term program lasts up to 11 hours per week for 12 weeks. Through this program, the students will learn more about their job responsibilities.

At the same time, we will teach them about "soft" skills, such as attendance, punctuality, customer service interactions, and other skills necessary for an exemplary job performance.

Community-Based Assessments

For those who have limited work experience or who want to know if a career choice is a good fit for their skills and interests, a Community Based Assessment (CBA) is also offered. A CBA is a short-term, unpaid work trial in a local business that has the type of work that the individual is interested in.

The program has 15 categories of assessment ranging from motor skills to aptitude. A report is then written and shared with the individual and with the referring DVR Counselor once the CBA has been completed.

Job Placement

We also offer customized job placement services where job seekers can live where they want to work. The program develops jobs based on the stated interests of the job seeker and the availability of the job in a certain community. Assistance will be provided in developing a resume, cover letters, improving interviewing skills, and applying for jobs whether in person, at a kiosk, online, or by using pen and paper.

Upon the job seeker’s request, we can also accommodate him or her on the job interview and will assist in the negotiation of starting date, transportation, and required clothing.

Job Retention

Once a job seeker has obtained a job, he or she has the option of having a 90-day retention period. During this period, we will meet with or call the new employee and his or her employer to follow up on any concerns. We work with both employers and employees to guarantee that the needed supports are in place and ensure their successful employment retention.

 Community Guide and Community Engagement Services

These services are designed to develop innovative, flexible, and supportive community resources and relationships. While these services help connect individuals to the resources in their community, they also support them to participate, engage, and integrate themselves into the community. These services are available in the Individual and Family Services waiver.

Reliance Services will:
  • Meet with you to discuss goals stated in the Person-Centered service plan developed by you and your case manager and help you develop specific goals related to engaging with the community
  • Develop strategies with you to connect with community resources based on your interests and needs
  • Help you develop healthy relationships with local community members
  • Support you with participating in community activities within your budget

Respite Services 

Respite support is available to persons with intellectual or developmental disabilities living with a family member or other caregiver in a residence that is not certified by Office for People with Developmental Disabilities. In-home respite is available for people with disabilities. A well-trained and knowledgeable staff will provide the family or caregiver with a relief period through in-home, one-on-one support.

On the other hand, out of home respite allows the person receiving supports to choose community-based recreational opportunities that also allow for developing socialization and other skills. Examples of recreational activities may include:

    • Shopping
    • Watching movies
    • Bowling
    • Exercising
  • Taking an art class
  • Other types of community involvement

Services and Prices

    • Community Engagement: $26.72

    • Community Guide: $26.72

  • Respite: $18.16

Youth Leadership and Advocacy

  • Age: 3 and above
  • Hours: Saturdays and Sundays, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
  • Fees: Waiver-based and private pay\
  • Transportation: Arranged and/or provided by the family
  • Meals: Light snacks will be served upon the arrival of the clients.
  • Medication: Our site is not able to pass medications.

The Youth Leadership and Advocacy training program provides youth and young adults, aged 3 and up, with useful self-advocacy and community leadership skills. Participants meet on Saturdays and Sundays during the school year. During the sessions, they will learn about bullying, such as how to react to it, how to be a self-advocate against it, and speak up for themselves. They will also find out what it means to be a leader by hearing from local leaders with developmental disabilities. They can socialize and have fun together, too, during the program!

After-School Program

  • Age: 3 and above
  • Hours: Monday to Friday, 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Fees: Waiver-based and private pay
  • Transportation: Arranged and/or provided by the family
  • Meals: Snacks will be served upon the arrival of the clients.
  • Medication: Our site is not able to pass medications.
An after-school program provides supervision for children and relief for the parents. Activities are available to clients in a group and individual formats. Special events occur throughout the year, too.

Find Your Talent

  • Age: 3 and above
  • Hours: Tuesdays and Fridays, 4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
  • Fees: Waiver-based and private pay
  • Transportation: Arranged and/or provided by the family
  • Meals: Snacks will be served upon the arrival of the clients.
  • Medication: Our site is not able to pass medications.
  • Maximum number of participants: 5 and 1 staff
We are all good at something. Everyone has a talent in some way or another. Perhaps you can discover yours while participating in various activities, such as art, music, dance, cooking, and building. 

This program will help you discover something you are good at and

enjoy doing. 

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